вторник, 3 апреля 2018 г.

How to make a felted nose to crochet teddy bear

Hey hey everyone!

I want to tell you about how I make a felted details (nose for a most) on my teddy bears. I made a video tutorial, so welcome to my new YouTube channel!


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понедельник, 2 апреля 2018 г.

Crochet Fox Pattern

Hey there everyone!

Few days ago I posted on Etsy my first crochet pattern to sale.
I did crochet patterns earlie but I did them for books and kits what was sell not on Etsy and on the russian and ukrainian languages only.
I decided to make an english pattern for selling on Etsy and first toy I choose was a fox.

Meet her!

Honestly, I maked this pattern 3 month (crocheting toy, writtening pattern, designing pdf file). I can't believe how long time it tooks. And it's bad because I not achived an ideal in design. It was my first crochet PDF tutorial and I just learned how to make it in photoshop. So, the design of PDF not very modern at this time. But I continue to learn!

The most important that the pattern is understandable and easy to follow and also contained 42 step by step photos. It was tested by two proffesional crocheters. (Thank you, girls, for it)

I made the foxes in different yarn for testing too. 
The first one was the fox from wool yarn Fibranatura Lima 100 g 260 m, hook 2.5 mm 

Then I made the fox in acrylic yarn Kartopu Gonca 100 g 300 m, hook 2.5 mm

At last one I choose a plushie yarn Himalaya Dolphgin Baby 100 g 120 m, hook 4.00 mm

As you can see the fox will be super cute from all kind of yarn. 

If you want to make an your own Fox please welcome to my shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/589624276 

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вторник, 27 марта 2018 г.

Plushie crochet whale

Hey there everyone!

I want to share my latest crochet project - big plushie crochet whale!

Actually he is really large! 30 cm / 12" size.

I crocheted the whale from super bulky Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn ( 100 g - 120 mt - 131 yards ). The recommend crochet hook for this yarn is 4.5 mm size , but I used a 4 mm hook.
The color what I used is 80326 http://www.himalaya.com.tr/dolphin-baby.html
Buy this yarn on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/search?q=himalaya+dolphin+baby

The pattern for this whale was free on Russian-languages web-site, link - http://mimi-mimi.ru/shemi-opisaniya-master-klassi/amigurumi/209-kit-fray

If you want to crochet the whale I find for you a few English-languages patterns!


and 1 free amazing pattern https://www.1dogwoof.com/humpback-whale-crochet-pattern/

Happy crocheting! Thanks for attention!

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понедельник, 26 июня 2017 г.

Before and after (from 2012 to 2017) - evolution of KnittedStory bears

Hi friends!
Are you interesting to see a story of the KnittedStory bears?

I find the old photos and want to share them with you.

So, I did my first KnittedStory bear in 2012. Meet it!

And another KnittedStory bears from 2012.

As you can see I created the name for bears - "Knitted Story" and created the web-site "www.knittedstory.com" in 2012 also.

The bears from 2013. 

The bears from 2014.

The bears from 2015.

The bears from 2016.

And new bears from 2017.

The first Knitted Story bear was crocheted 04 May 2012. So, we have a little anniversary in this year - 5 year of KnittedStory bears!!
Thanks for attention and for following us all this time.