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Group photos of KnittedStory bears

Hi friends!

After a very long pause I'm here with a new post about the Knitted Story bears.
Somethimes I take a photo with the bears which I have in stock right now. They are looking for a new home and I think these photos help in this case. The people very like similar photos in my instagram.

So, I decided to show these photo for you in one place.

And a new photo from today:

At this moment I have the Zodiac sign bears and the several other bears in stock. You can find and purchase them in etsy shop.

Also I show you the photos from my really big orders. I had a three order what include a lot of Knitted Story bears.

These teddy bears live in Moscow, Russia.

These 40 ladies live in the Netherlands.

These big company of teddy bears live in USA. 

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy it.

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